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Bounce Back With Hannah Ola (BBWHO) is an online platform that provides inspiration and encouragement on a variety of life matters - based on Christian values.  Founded and hosted in the United Kingdom by Hannah Ola in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 , the BBWHO started out as a bit of therapy for her following the passing on to glory of her father - inviting friends to an informal chat and to encourage her and those watching with tips for bouncing back from bereavement and other forms of loss generally.

From the comfort of your home and your streaming device you can interact with powerful content being delivered live by the most amazing prayerfully selected guests from inspiring ordinary people with great bounce back stories, enjoy live music by undiscovered talents and top musicians, and have your mind and spirit challenged by some of the foremost thinkers and spiritual leaders in the world today.

UVI orogun

Thank you Hannah for putting together such an insightful conversation.  Though not in employment, there were so much valuable lessons I learnt.  Your guest was amazing!!!  Best talk I’ve heard in a VERY long time.  Thank you to you both, just to let you know that we appreciate you.


A blessed good evening to you and your family: I must personally compliment you on such a beautiful programme you have created.  I hope by God’s grace it will be on for a very long time: people need this: this afternoon guest speaker was phenomenal.  It was truthful informative and on point may God bless you richly

mercy b

You are a gift to the Kingdom of God and I celebrate you.  We need to appreciate one another

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