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Hannah Ola      25 Aug 2020

Tech and Media Boss Lady Sarah Yewande sharing about the importance of navigating with agility. Also about life in New York as a Brit in the fascinating world of Tech!

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Hannah Ola      13 Aug 2020

Impromptu live music by the wonderful #AlujoSpecialist himself, Mr Laolu Gbenjo - known worldwide for bringing joy through his unique delivery of uplifting music.  Enjoy!

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Hannah Ola      7 Aug 2020

Oniduro Mi, Aye Ope yo, Arojinle and much more were written and delivered mid pandemic 2020!  Adeyinka Alaseyori shares her fabulous testimonies!

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Hannah Ola      31 July 2020

Thea and Ade Ajayi, a young professional couple, sharing wisdom for a happy God-centred home.  We looked back at the dating journey and transitioning from marriage to life now as a mother and father.

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Hannah Ola      28 July 2020

Back by popular demand!  Seasoned Marriage counsellor, author, and pioneer of UK's Time To Shine, Mercy B laying down marriage facts on topics such as infidelity and abuse within marriage. 

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Hannah Ola      24 July 2020

Powerful testimonies of how God saved this mighty Man of Jesus and founder of "Oyel Planet", the multi gifted and blessed Okey Sokay - from cultism and more. Plus keys to thriving in music ministry.

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Hannah Ola      14 July 2020

Recently diagnosed with stage 3 cancer this incredible woman is a living testimony of how to fight in faith! Dr Christy Russell's powerful testimony will challenge you to live to the fullest in Christ!

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Hannah Ola      9 July 2020

Fantastic discussion about the power of love and keys to influence by Mr Influence himself, Seun Bharbs. Watch out for Part 2 by popular demand!

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Hannah Ola      2 July 2020

Fashion Designer to the stars, and UK Sewing Bee finalist the amazing Chinelo Bally speaking about the power of creativity.  Also about life in Nigeria stuck there on travels from UK due to lockdown!

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Hannah Ola      26 June 2020

She is a global voice of love and healing to the nations and what an immense honour and privilege it was for Pastor Nike Adeyemi to speak to racism, to broken women and relationships, MUST WATCH!! 

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Hannah Ola      22 June 2020

The Voice UK finalist - Zahyon - was a truly remarkable and memorable guest on the BBWHO!  Everything about this live chat was FANTASTIC - live music, transparency, A MUST WATCH!!

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Hannah Ola      17 June 2020

Career Nuggets CEO, Morenike Ajayi sharing her remarkable story to significance in career and beyond.  Absolutely encouraging, particularly for anyone of Black African origin. 

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Hannah Ola      11 June 2020

Domestic violence is a sad reality.  The wonderful TAWA founder, Ayo Sonoiki works with Domestic violence charities to raise awareness and give a voice to the helpless. Fantastic insights here!

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Hannah Ola      5 June 2020

This is the founder of Cinematographic Afrobeats, the incredible Michael Olatuja - Broadway Musician (Frozen Musical) & much more!  He is Nigerian, UK born, NY based and THIS WAS AMAZING!! 

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Hannah Ola      29 May 2020

This was an amazing discussion around fertility journey and helpful and unhelpful things people do.  Also a testimony of God's divine Grace! Much gratitude to Dr Abi Oyerokun for sharing with us!!

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Hannah Ola      28 May 2020

Pastor Shola Victor-Sajowa, the anointed Woman of God and Worship leader shares how she overcame health complications brought on by weight challenges and benefits of her new healthier weight & lifestyle.

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Hannah Ola      21 May 2020

The anointed Woman of God, Pastor Jennifer Lewin discussed everything from family to music ministry, to mentorship and much more!  This was a FANTASTIC in so many ways! A MUST WATCH!!

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Hannah Ola      18 Aug 2020

Trainee Solicitor and finance professional, Sarah Bakare, encourages young people in receipt of exam results amidst the unforgettable and unprecedented chaos of COVID-19 pandemic.

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Hannah Ola      11 Aug 2020

Grace Idowu shares her remarkable musical journey so far, including how she has managed to make such huge impact in a relatively short time space. 

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Hannah Ola      7 Aug 2020

Exactly 12 years to the day they left behind a comfortable life in the UK for the unknown to help abandoned children, 30 years married Pastor Richard and Pastor Kemi Oyin-Adeniji share marriage wisdom.

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Hannah Ola      30 July 2020

Hilarious, deep, impactful and fun all at the same  time!  The anointed Bidemi Olaoba aka #TheBibleSays shares insights to His walk with God and leadership gifts.

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Hannah Ola      28 July 2020

Dr Tim Godfrey's band master and top producer in his own right, SMJ as fondly known shares golden nuggets for success in music and how he remains grounded in the Lord. 

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Hannah Ola      20 July 2020

A Gospel recording artist in her own right and on air personality and radio host, Lady J, daughter of legendary Pastor Panam Percy Paul shared how she overcame depression and shares hope and encouragement to all.

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Hannah Ola      13 July 2020

What a privilege and honour to host the incredible force that is Pastor Real Talk Kim on the BBWHO! Your life will never be the same after watching this ultimate BOUNCE BACK message!! 

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Hannah Ola      6 July 2020

Powerful testimony of the power of God to completely transform.  Engaging encouraging live chat with one of the most sought after Gospel DJs in mainstream radio actively changing lives.

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Hannah Ola      30 June 2020

The HR Madam herself shared her view on the future of the world of work post COVID-19, including world exclusive news of a future music release!  This multi-gifted Boss Lady dropped many amazing gems!

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Hannah Ola      25 June 2020

There is no other Pastor Belinda Enoma!  She spoke about the "Sanctified Pause" brought about by the pandemic and the importance of harnessing Purpose like never before. What a blessing!!! 

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Hannah Ola      19 June 2020

So much depth of wisdom and grace and humour too!  This was a FANTASTIC live chat with one of the leading Gospel ministers in Nigeria, Nosa,  who brought us Na Your Way.  MUST WATCH!!

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Hannah Ola      15 June 2020

Pregnancy and fertility live discussion with the wonderful woman of God, Pastor Tolulope Aladesanmi with extensive practical and ministry experience. This is a MUST WATCH for couples.

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Hannah Ola      10 June 2020

Mercy B is a household name for anyone that watched the UK's Time To Shine (UK Gospel's X Factor). Watch her firebrand side in this MUST WATCH on marriage!!

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Hannah Ola      4 June 2020

Fantastic discussion with Fiona Yorke Kaniyah about life as a woman of influence in UK Gospel and getting her thoughts on Black Lives Matter and more.  Fantastic chilled sister chat!! 

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Hannah Ola      29 May 2020

Sharing experiences from her book, 'Journey To Coventry' Lois Omorayewa founder of Take It Back Foundation lifts the veil on anxiety and offers hope on recovery and bounce back tips!

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Hannah Ola      27 May 2020

Sarah Teibo shares her remarkable testimony of dealing with the painful loss of her dear mother and inspires us with tips for her incredible work ethic as a leading voice in the UK Gospel industry.  

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PHOTO-2020-08-24-00-42-58 (1).jpg

Hannah Ola      20 May 2020

Powerful Minister Tomi Favored ('TAFI' with TY Bello) and her wonderful husband Minister Seyi Alesh were sent by God specially to kick off BBWHO in the most AMAZING way! This is a MUST WATCH!!!

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PHOTO-2020-08-24-00-33-56 (2).jpg

Hannah Ola      17 Aug 2020

Back by popular demand, sought after ministry leaders and Marriage Counsellors, Pastor Dammy and Pastor Jumi Timothy shake the table on sex in this practical, open, marriage-saving discussion.

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PHOTO-2020-08-24-00-33-57 (1).jpg

Hannah Ola      10 Aug 2020

International Speaker, award winning entrepreneur and founder of the Mango Girl natural beauty line, Dr Ava, shares transparently how she discovered her true passion and destiny from a devastating divorce.

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Hannah Ola      4 Aug 2020

Bola Latinwo, a Barrister and leading child advocate for the African Caribbean child.  She talks about her passion for her work and how she keeps a good balance with life as a wife and mother.

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Hannah Ola      30 July 2020

Powerful Godly wisdom tips for building a lasting loving marriage from seasoned leaders, Pastor Nathan and Pastor Sharon Curtis featuring married couples quiz!

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Hannah Ola      27 July 2020

They kicked off the Couples week on BBWHO in style.  Lots of laughter and very relatable Pastor Dammy and Pastor Jumi Timothy shook many tables and exemplified real Godly talk on marriage!

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Josh Bowale.jpg

Hannah Ola      17 July 2020

Worship so pure, so beautiful.  The wonderful Minister Josh Bowale and Minister Gorgy on the keyboards. You will recognise them with the Woman of God Ty Bello and recordings with Pastor Nathaniel Bassey.

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Hannah Ola      10 July 2020

Minister Israel Odebode shares his awesome testimony of encounters with God that birthed some of the most impactful and anointed songs released during this pandemic!

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Hannah Ola      3 July 2020

A fantastic honest and direct transforming live discussion with the inimitable Coach Aaron T Aaron.  Incredible gems shared for destiny activation.  This chat will challenge you!

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PHOTO-2020-08-24-00-34-08 (1).jpg

Hannah Ola      29 June 2020

It was an amazing honour to be thoroughly blessed by one of the greatest living Fathers in the Faith, Rev Victor Adeyemi. This is a MUST WATCH for any father or aspiring father!!

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PHOTO-2020-08-24-00-34-10 (1).jpg

Hannah Ola      24 June 2020

Global Philanthropist and entrepreneur per excellence, Caroline Popoola blessed us with her incredible story of starting with nothing to where she is now.  This will inspire you totally!!

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Hannah Ola      18 June 2020

Consultant Psychologist and Christian and BAME and female and anointed! Dr Shade Olajubu spoke unreservedly about looking after one's mental health, the role of the church. Fantastic live chat!!

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PHOTO-2020-08-24-00-42-52 (1).jpg

Hannah Ola      12 June 2020

INCREDIBLE session with a rare vessel of God with such depth that defies the general misconceptions that go along with ministers of joy. This is a definite MUST WATCH - Halleluyah No Go Finish!!!

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Hannah Ola      8 June 2020

A wonderfully blessed Gospel minister with songs that continue to bless lives globally including Ko s'oba biire featuring Evangelist Tope Alabi. This live chat with Psalmos about her journey will bless you!

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PHOTO-2020-08-24-00-42-55 (1).jpg

Hannah Ola      3 June 2020

There are some stories you hear and wonder if they could ever be true!  Grateful to the Woman of God, Minister Kikelomo Mudiaga for sharing her personal dealing with grief. God is real!! Only God!! 

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Hannah Ola      28 May 2020

One of the most recognised and respected presenters on TVC's Your View, Tope Mark Odigie shared her experiences during Lockdown, impact on her businesses and much more! 

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Hannah Ola      22 May 2020

Powerhouse trailblazing Career Masterclass founder Bukola Adisa was a BRILLIANT feature on the BBWHO! Truly a life / career changing session you MUST WATCH!!

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