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In a new podcast, Hannah Ola sits with esteemed guests for candid conversations about life generally including, faith, sex, love, marriage, relationships, finance and career - and offers bounce back tips for challenges faced in these different areas.


In life there will always be challenges.  The difference between those that make progress and those who don't is whether or not they bounced back or recovered from said challenge(s).


After my Dad passed on to glory on 11th April 2020 it took weeks to regain a semblance of self.  Death is inevitable but nothing really prepares you for it.  It was the stories of others that had experienced similar loss and my faith (re-discovering what the Bible said about death) that helped kickstart (and is sustaining) my recovery journey.


I have decided to share my "therapy" journey with you and look forward to hearing your bounce back stories!

Love y'all! xx

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