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Be kind and courteous

This is a safe space for constructive discussions for the re-building and thriving of souls.  The Forum Founder's views are unapologetically Christian, but we welcome persons of all faiths on this Forum. We're all in this together.  We will treat everyone with respect and maintain a welcoming positive environment.  This is a testimony space and we will share experiences.  Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required :-) .


No hate speech or bullying

No foul language.  No form of abuse will be tolerated.  We need to make sure that everyone feels safe.  Bullying of any kind and derogatory comments are not allowed, and will not be tolerated.


No content copying

The content in this Forum must not be copied or replicated in any way except with the prior express consent of the Forum Founder.


No promotions or spam

Self-promotion links or posts on this Forum are not allowed.  Please reach out to us if you think we can help promote your project and we will help.


For Key Updates &  Giveaways

To get notified for key updates and giveaways, please subscribe by filling out the form which can be found in the homepage of Hannah Ola.

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